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You are my life

Your eyes reminded me of the days that have gone without you

Your eyes have ignited the sense of regret inside of me

Your eyes reminded me of the pain of your absence

When I saw you

Before you looked into my eyes

My life has been lost

Ow your eyes brought me back to the days that have been lost

They taught me to regret

The past and the pain we chose to go through

You are my life

You are my life that started again

The light of your eyes has helped me be reborn

You are my life

Ow what a waste

All the time of my life before I meet you that has gone to waste

Back then I would only taste loneliness and pain

Now my life is full of joy

My heart is full of joy

Your love tastes like honey

Now is the only time I have begun to love my life

Now I fear our lives will go by quickly

Come here to me

I will hold you close to my chest

I will never forget you

You are always in my heart

I would die for you

And i will take you wherever you want

I’m always beside you my love

I will never forget you

And I would give you my life


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