Welcome! I am a Graduate Student studying Political Science at the University of Toronto. Below are some research topics I am thinking about. 


What Makes the Politics of Resentment Flourish? 

What makes the politics of resentment flourish? My masters research paper documents an ethnographic case study designed to provide deeper insight into the manifestation of public opinion in Bemidji, Minnesota, a town of 15,434. I will use a method of listening to demonstrate that many rural Minnesotans, like many Americans, feel resentful in ways that we have never seen before. 


What is the relationship between Democracy and Development?

I want to examine how development helps liberal democracy flourish and vice versa. Public policy that yields urbanization, rising educational levels, rising life expectancy, and rapid economic growth can help liberal democracy flourish. Indeed, empirical results show us that democracy and economic development affect each other in numerous ways.

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The relationship between Democracy and Quality of Life

I want to examine how liberal democracy improves quality of life. Democracy acts to center the public agenda on state actions that enhance life quality – and there is a plethora of data that demonstrates the robust relationship between democracy and quality of life.

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What Makes Liberal Democracy Flourish?

I want examine what makes liberal democracy flourish by exploring the case study's of Canada and Denmark. The most successful liberal democracies are animated by independent and robust political institutions that rest on a delicate balance of three distinct features — effective state, rule of law and political accountability.